Friday, May 22, 2009

The Cats Relax

As you know from the Intermews we have done there are three cats on the Farm, Fred, Stinky and Pumpkin. Now that the weather has turned nice they are spending more time outside. They love to roll around and if you ask me they look pretty funny.
I mean Fred looks like a pretzel in this photo - I think he is taking a cat bath but I am not sure. He also doesn't look too thrilled about being photographed, does he?

You really have to wonder what Stinky is trying to accomplish here - is she trying to scratch her back on the concrete?

And Pumpkin?
With all her crazy long fur you can hardly tell which end is which! I think she likes the feel of the cool green grass. I am all for some cool green grass!

Stinky rolls in the grass too!

Fred even likes to eat the grass - just like us goats!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Farm cats in uhm, action?


  1. Just in case you were wondering, when a cat has it's mouth open like that, it meanst they are trying to smell something better. Cats are dumb, huh? Why do they like wiggling on concrete? both of mine do the same thing.

  2. I think you have some lol cats for sure. Have you been to the site? It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

  3. Rolling all around is one of the great joys in life!

  4. Cats are quirky creatures. My daughter's "Tiger" likes to roll around on me like that whenever I try to take a nap. I can't tell if it's a compliment or not sometimes. lol

  5. YOu are reading my mind Pricilla, I have been thinking about doing a cat post ha, ha, no pun intended for the last few days. Maybe my five cats and your three could party.

    I am obviously in some strange bizzaro world today since the strangest things are coming to my head while reading blogs.

  6. Our female cat does the same pose as your first photo. I always tell her that it is very unladylike. Our male cat loves to roll around. He doesn't go outside (cats are hawk bait in our area), but he rolls around in the house all the time.

  7. Cici - thank you for teaching me something about cats. May I teach you how to butt them? I am good at butting cats...

    Carolyn - I have seen that site. I think they need a goat or two.

    Daisy - you would know!

    Aunt Vicki - I don't understand some of the strange poses those cats make. They are very odd.

    D'Anna - I guess Tiger loves you. Or doesn't want you to nap. One or the other...

    Julia - as long as they had this cat party at YOUR house I would be all for it. There are too many cats here already if you ask me.

  8. Go kitties!! Grace and Hobbes do a lot of rolling around to scratch their backs. Hobbes was doing that on the rocks by the pond and nearly fell in--I had to grab his back. I'm just waiting for him to go in one day.

  9. I think they look like they are having a wonderful time. I'd like to find a patch of sun and stretch out like that too sometime!

  10. Awww, cute kitties! I love how indignant Fred looks at getting his photo taken while giving himself a bath. ;)

    And yup, that's about the extent of "action" cats do. ;)

  11. I love the photo of your cat rolling on the concrete-my dear cat used to do that all the time. Unfortunatly she is no longer with us-but your cat put a smile on my face.


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