Sunday, May 31, 2009

Battling Bucks

I have written about the crazy antics of Luke and Michael many times in the past. Since Jillian and Mallory have arrived those silly bucks have really been trying to show off. You would think Michael would be happy; he did after all have his dates where he got to dance the paso doble with Jillian and the Argentine Tango with Mallory. But noooooo, not these bucks! Every morning they start their show. They bow their heads at each other

and they charge!

Sometimes Luke has the advantage....

...and sometimes it is Michael.

The sounds; the snorts, the crashes!

To tell you the truth this old goat is getting tired of it. There is a time and a place for everything and every morning is NOT the time.
Luke and Michael even seem to think the publicist is a doe! She is a bit, uhm, disconcerted by this. She is DEFINITELY not a goat!

Don't forget that that you can buy a Flock of (soap) Chickens in my shop! And if you put "blog" in the notes to seller the publicist will give you a $1.00 refund to your paypal account. In other SpokesGoat news Spring Bouquet and Lavender soaps are now on the curing shelf.


  1. Gosh, I would love to watch that show! Crash! Boom!

    ps: Check out my Sunday Comic when you have a chance. Harley wants to be a goat. Or something.

  2. They do this EVERY morning??! Like breakfast?? Goofy.

  3. They're all cute and fluffy. Your blog is making me all goofy for goats.

  4. Oh, that last picture is too funny... almost like they're synchronized goat dancing!

  5. Oh..seems like they are so full of energy in the morning. What exciting image captures. Hope you guys are doing well and had a good week.

  6. Daisy - I think Harley would make a great goat! He has colors just like Kevin...

    Lin - every morning. You would think they would get a headache!

    Frogs - it is easy to get goofy for goats!

    Cute - hmmmm, a new TV show idea?

    Ailurophile - thank you. Sometimes they are hard to photograph. I uhm, don't want to get in the middle!


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