Saturday, May 30, 2009

Awwww, Such a Cute Kid

Much has been made about how cute Kevin is...I can't disagree! He is a very cute kid. He has been from the beginning. I am not saying this just because I am his mother. I see it everyday in the comments on this blog. So I know it is not just me. I mean look at his little face...

How could anyone not this he was the cutest kid walking?

I know the publicist loves him. She is always petting him. This has made him into a very friendly goat.

He is especially cute when he is hopping around on everything. I just want him to stay off of me! I am not a surfboard...I am a goat.

It is a shame that Kevin will never be a daddy goat because I think he would have made some very cute kids himself. But I am not sure the world is ready for super-hopper goats!

I hope you will please forgive me for this Kevin retrospective. I was a little bit tired today and so was the publicist.


  1. why wont he ever be a daddy when he grows up? He is cute.

  2. Did he have his Daddy parts removed?? Hobbes had that and he doesn't even know it. :)

    Thank goodness for cute photos on a day when you are strapped for time and the post needs to be done. I'm really scrambling for the next 3 days. Ugh.

  3. I think Kevin is super-extra-cute! I especially like the marking near his eye. He looks like a sad little clown (and I mean that in the cutest way).

  4. John - yes, Kevin has been fixed. It is called "wethered" in a goat. It keeps him more gentle. There are already two bucks on the Farm and the people who are taking him didn't want a "buck" buck if you know what I mean.

    Lin - He did. It was a little uncomfortable for him but as you have read it sure didn't stop his hopping around!

    Daisy - I agree with you. He looks a bit like a clown and to honest he acts like a clown!

  5. I love kevin! He is awwwwdorable! I hope some other commenters enjoyed the mental picture of Kevin doing sit-ups to butt your udder... that was kinda funny to me!

  6. Kevin is beautiful Pricilla - it's nice to see more of him!

  7. I love all the action shots of Kevin jumping. He's a born star.

  8. He is so cute:)

    Thanks for the best wishes:)


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