Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

Our goat diet doesn't always give us everything we need so we are given mineral supplements by the publicist and male person. They are very tasty! We goats love to eat our minerals. It is something that the publicist gives to us in black plastic pans. I really like them and and ate quite a bit of them when I was pregnant with Kevin. Each of our pens has a nice black pan to hold our minerals. We also have a small trough in our pen in the barn for minerals too.

The other day the publicist looked out her window and this is what she saw. (She does see strange things when she looks out her window.)

Hmmm, it does not seem to me that the plastic tub is full of minerals....

This also answers the question as to whether Kevin ever sleeps.

On the SpokesGoat front I would like to let you know that the publicist made some new soap! On the curing shelf is Mountain Huckleberry, Lavender and Lavender Mint. Hooray for more soap! It will be available in my shop in about a month.


  1. That's funny! He's such a "kid" in so many ways. It reminds me of how we used to sit in my mom's laundry basket when we were little.

  2. I am enjoying my kids too! I am amazed at how high they can jump. Kevin may have a little competition with my Layla.

    She does sleep though in the shade of a lawn chair. Snuggled up to her 'King'.

  3. MineralGoat. Kevin is just so cute! And now I have to buy more soap in a month too, because I love both of the new things. Ummm. I love your store!

  4. Kids will be kids! Reminds me of my kids at that age sitting in the dish pan we used when camping. They pretended it was a boat. Maybe Kevin, too, fancies himself a sailor on the deep blue sea?

  5. What's the Recommended Daily Allowance of MineralKevin?

  6. I'll bet that black pan was a nice warm cozy place to take a nap. And its good to know that Kevin sleeps! Hey, set aside some of that Mtn Huckleberry soap for me! Sounds yummy - but I'd better not use it if we're going hiking cuz I'll bet the bears would like it, too!

  7. Lin - I guess he felt safe in there.

    Carolyn - we should set up those Goat Olympics then. Heh heh

    Cici - I am glad you are happy with your winnings of my rich soap!

    D'Anna - I would not begin to think what goes through his mind; perhaps he thought he was in some giant hopper? Heh heh

    Daisy - you are just too, too funny. I think I get more than the recommended amount if you want to know the truth! ;)

    Split Rock - you are right - it was a bright sunny day so it probably was quite warm. I will be happy to put aside some of the huckleberry for you.

    SLColman - glad you are back from your trip. I agree. Kevin is very silly!

  8. That's a kids answer to the card board box now!!! My kids love a big card board box to roll around in and play or snuggle with their blankets. :)

    Happy days for Kevin.

  9. Pricilla - that is just so cute!
    He is the most precious little gem I have ever seen :)

  10. Julia - it's like cats; you spend all manner of money on toys and all they want is a paper bag!

    Annette - why thank you! You have such a way with words ;)

  11. Heh heh heh...yup, that scene sure looks familiar. :-)
    Could our babies possibly GET any cuter?!


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