Saturday, May 9, 2009

And So We Hop Some More....

Hop, hop, hop.

I perhaps should have named him Hoppy instead of Kevin. Hop, hop, hop. That is all the boy does. He hops on me. He hops on the publicist. If it is there, he hops on it. Yesterday he was hopping on the hay feeder in the goat house. He hopped right up and fell asleep in the hay.

Hop, hop, hop.

He has succeeded in hopping on top of me. He stands there on my back as if I am his horse. I am not a horse, I am a goat. The publicist hasn't gotten a great photo yet, but I am sure she will.

Hop, hop, hop.

Then there is the pile of plywood the male person has stacked against the barn. He is going to use it to build the chicken tractors. You guessed it; Kevin had to hop on it. Hop, hop, hop. It didn't matter that the stack was 4 feet high. Oh, no! That didn't stop my hoppin' kid! Up he hopped.

Down he hopped.

Up he hopped.

You get the picture.

He even dared Jillian and Mallory to hop up there. That did not go so well. They are much bigger goats.

See his little head there egging them on?

Now everyday when we either enter or exit the barn - hop, hop, hop.

I guess it is better than hopping on me.

Tomorrow you will get to learn what he was watching on this last hop up the plywood.

Hop, hop hop.

Now it is your turn to hop on the newsletter, heh heh. Remember, all who sign up through May 16th will be eligible to enter into the drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. That's something to hop about....


  1. Great photos Pricilla - you need to have a samll mountain complex built for Kevin to climb about on!
    - was he watching the tiny chickens take their steps into the outside world??

    ps - did you know that Baby Hare Ekaterina is in a Storque vote - 2 days left - she will send you some waves of love if you choose her :)

  2. I think Kevin is practicing to be in the Circus!

  3. Oh my gosh Kevin is the second most cutest baby~ever.


  4. yours hop! mine run. I have let them out of the property and then they can run! when they get too far, they panic, and run back crying the whole way. I could watch them for hours.

  5. K is amazing! I am one with many questions...sorry...but what is a chicken tractor?

  6. Oh, and I'm taking it that K is abnormally hoppy and that most other kids dont jump quiet so much...

  7. Hi Pricilla, just hopping over from SITS! LOL. Your pictures are great!

  8. Annette - I think you may be right. I will have to talk to the male person. ps - we voted for your cute hare. So did the publicist! We hope you win.

    Daisy - hmmm, you might be right! Maybe he could make some money that way and contribute to the Farm.

    Lisa - thank you. Of course I think he is the cutest goat but I am prejudiced....

    jojo- they are funny. Kevin wailed like a stuck pig in the snow. We thought he was being attacked!

    Sue - I wish I had half his energy. The publicist feels this way too!

    Julia - None of my other kids have hopped as much as Kevin. Nor did Nora hop. This hopping is crazy!

    As to the chicken tractor it is a way to contain the chickens when they are outside so they are safe from raptors and other predators. It is mobile. There is a link to photos in this post:
    When the male person gets to building ours I will post photos.

    I like questions.

  9. Little Kevin reminds me of the Rocky Mountain Goats we see here in Colorado! Maybe his great, great, great grandfather was part mountain goat? Could explain his need to hop! LOL

  10. I'm waiting for the goat on goat photo.

  11. D'Anna - perhaps that WOULD explain it. He is a silly goat.

    your Daily cute - Thanks so much! You too...

    Lin - I will say that sounds a bit, uhm, less than family blog like but the publicist did score a great photo of my hoppin' kid on me today. Look for it next week.

  12. Hi! Stopped by earlier today, but we're stopping by again with fun news!

    Cute gave you an award! Come on over to pick it up... :)

  13. Thank you Cute. I will pop over and see...

  14. He is just beyond belief adorable with all the hippity hopping.


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