Monday, May 4, 2009

AbbyDay - So There Pricilla! I am a Cover Goat Too

As I mentioned when I let Pricilla sleep in on Thursday, I too am good enough to be a cover goat. She is not the only goat around here with the looks to grace a magazine cover. See


Since my kid is coming soon MY headshot is on Expecting magazine. I can be famous too. I gave them photos of my last kid, Nora for the inside so they know how beautiful any kids of mine will be. Nora is living on another Farm with Michael the buck's twin Sarah. She is one year old now.

Nora was a very cute kid and I am sure my new kid will be too! Here is a photo of my beautiful self and Nora. It shows me teaching her how to graze. A good mother does that you know.

Soon I will have photos of a new baby to post. I wonder what color it will be?

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter. Someone is going to win THREE BARS of rich soap. There are only a couple of weeks until the May 16th deadline.

* Just like Pricilla's cover the publicist made this one up for me to keep me happy. Isn't she nice?


  1. YOu never know what color you'll get. I just got my first kid. Solid black from two solid red/brown goats. I was so amazed!

  2. You are beautiful, Abby! How long can young goats stand being in the back of a pick-up truck? Is two hours a possibility?

  3. wow, Abby, what a great mag cover. i can't wait to pick one up at the Piggly Wiggly. I love the way you are posing with your head... how it is turned. I bet the publicist was thrilled to have a professional supergoat model :)

  4. Abby, you positively glow! Pregnancy suits you. We are anxiously awaiting the big day!

  5. OMG Nora is adorable! I'm sure you'll have another beautiful baby Abby. ;o)

  6. The only thing left to say is that you are a gorgeous cover girl Abby!

  7. Abby, you look pretty! I did not realize you were going to have a kid soon, too. Congratulations!

  8. Carolyn - It is funny with goats. Luke is the daddy so who knows what my new kid will be.

    Cici - the publicist went over to your site and answered your question. I hope she helped. Sometimes she is a pain in my tail.

    Margo - I am glad that SOMEONE appreciates me.

    D'Anna - I am beautiful, aren't I?

    Split Rock - I was sad to see Nora go but I know she is living a good life on her Farm.

    Aunt Vicki - Thank you very much.

    Daisy - we are a very fertile Farm.

  9. Looking good Abby, and you make a very pretty doeling. Let your publicist know I put up the chicken tractor post. Thanks!

  10. Your Daily Cute - why thank you. It is good to know that I am not alone in thinking I am gorgeous.

    Heather - oooh thank you. I will tell her right away.


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