Monday, May 18, 2009

AbbyDay - Looking Back

I get to make the big announcement!!
Me! Abby!

THE WINNER OF THE NEWSLETTER GIVEAWAY IS: Cici&Heather!!! It has been announced in the very first newsletter which I hope has been received in good order. Along with our very first NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER ONLY SPECIAL!!!!

HOORAY!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who signed up for Pricilla's newsletter. I hope you all enjoyed the first issue. And I am sure they are going to enjoy THREE BARS of my rich soap!

Now on to my AbbyDay post. I will soon be going on my maternity leave. I am going to take longer than Pricilla. I am not some work goat. I am not going to just take two weeks and have that be it. Oh no! I deserve better than that. I will come back when I am good and ready.

I have been thinking back to when my first kid was born; little Nora. She doesn't live here on the Farm any longer. She moved to another Farm when she was three months old. I was sad but it didn't bother me for too long. I know she is happy on her Farm and she has Pricilla's kid Sarah for company. And she will soon have little Kevin joining her. He will keep her hopping - heh heh!

Nora was very cute when she was born. Almost all black with just that little white spot on her head.

She loved to go out for walks. I taught her how to graze like any good mother does.

She learned very well and grew into a very cute kid.

I gave her lots of licks and was quite comfortable sending her off to her new Farm.

I must, of course, close this post with a photo of me! It wouldn't be AbbyDay if I didn't!

Now just because the giveaway is over doesn't mean that you shouldn't still consider signing up for the newsletter if you already did not. There will be news and notes not posted to the blog and discounts and specials for newsletter readers ONLY. How cool is that?


  1. I can't wait to see the new kid. For some reason looking at baby goat photos never gets old. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

    (P.s. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.)

  2. my goodness, you goats sure do blog early! I guess it is good to get it out of the way so you have the rest of the day to graze, and uh, jump on things....

  3. I agree with Carolyn- the babies never get old. On your maternity leave, why don't you let Jillian and mallory take over Abbyday? You could butt it back! ;)

  4. Oh, and I just thought of a Question! Why do you send all your kids away to the one farm? Does that farm have a claim on all of your kids in the future?

  5. I love the baby goat photos (not that your photos aren't fabulous Abby). I am disappointed about not winning, but I never received the newsletter so I wonder if I didn't sign up correctly. Is there any way to check if I have signed up or not?

  6. ohhhh...i love your pictures!!!! they are all soooo cute. snow on june 10th? wowzers! i guess you have short falls and summers too. joyce

  7. like mother like daughter!
    the (large) white spot is beautiful!

    congrats to cici!

  8. awww, she's adorable too. You make cute kids too, Abby. Happy abby day!

  9. Do you feel bad letting the little ones go? I suppose if it's a good home, maybe not, but gees, I'd miss them.

  10. Carolyn - you are very welcome :)
    Kids are cute. Like all small animals. It is a shame they have to grow up.

    Marlene - the early goat gets the weed!

    Cici - it just so happens that the people who took Sarah and Nora wanted two more goats so the next two we produce were spoken for. After that we will be looking for others to take our goatlings.

    Anne - the publicist sent you an email...did you get it? Thank you for commenting on my beautiful photos.

    jaz - Montana is a blast!

    Annette - thank you. Since I am beaautiful of course my doeling would be too!

    Margo - of course! I would not produce an ugly kid!

    Lin - it is hard at first but I know they cannot all stay on the Farm. There is just not enough room. At least I know they are going to a good home.

  11. Rats! Or rather Goats! Can I say that like a swear word? Just kidding of course. I love goats. But now I will have to buy some soap when I get an actual paycheck in the next few weeks!


Maaaaaa away....


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