Monday, May 25, 2009

AbbyDay - Jillian is a Pain in My Neck

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I am not happy with these new goats around here! Why did we need to get new goats anyway? Weren't things just fine they way they were? There was me and Pricilla and the boys. We didn't need any other goats! OK, OK I know they weren't living the good life like we were and they sure were hungry when they got here but boy oh boy has it been a pain since they arrived.

I was just resting by the spools the other day, minding my own business. I know this is an odd position but I am very pregnant right now and it is hard to get comfortable.

I got myself up to move around a bit and Jillian, fresh from her battle with Pricilla for the top spool, decided to butt me. You saw this photo yesterday.

She butt me some more.

And then, then SHE BIT ME!

Can you imagine? She actually took a nibble on my shoulder! I am not a goat snack!

Then she tried to look nonchalant - that is a French word. I am a smart goat.

Since it is AbbyDay I end this post with a photo of well, ME! In all my goatly glory.


  1. Hi Abby, I agree!! It's so hard to get comfortable when you're pregnant. And then when you just get comfortable, Jillian has to ruin it for you. He's got the 'goat' wouldn't you say. Well you'll just have to teach him a lesson one of these days. Bye for now, Bandit and friends.

  2. Abby, I am sorry you got bited. Sometimes I bite. But I do not think I would ever bite a goat.

  3. Goodness gracious!!! No rest for the lovely!

  4. Tut Tut! Maybe you shouldn't let Jillian do abby day for you. Maybe you should let Mallory. I am interested in what the other goats have to say!

  5. The nerve of her to bite you! You get your baby goats to bite her when they come out to meet the world! ;)

  6. did she hurt you? does it hurt when she does that to you? what a pain in the butt.

  7. Abby you are looking good :)

    hope your shoulder is better now!

  8. Belladonnasjoy - I can't wait to have this kid. I am tired of being fat.

    Carolyn - rude does not begin to describe it!

    Daisy - biting is not nice. Now butting on the other horn.....

    Carla - I am glad you see that I am lovely!

    Cici - I don't think Jillian or Mallory should have ANYTHING to do with the blog if you want MY opinion!

    Cute - that is a very smart idea.

    John - it didn't hurt. It was just annoying.

    Lin - you are sooooooo right!

    Annette - thank you. You are always so nice.


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