Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oooh, Look at Me!

As you all know I take my SpokesGoat duties very seriously. I try and do my best to deal with my media appointments in a friendly manner and keep my goat gas to a minimun while giving interviews. Well it seems that I have done very well indeed! My Baby Magazine has me on the cover. I gave them an interview after I had Kevin the goat. I think it came out very nicely, don't you?


I also gave them some very cute photos of Kevin for the interior. There is nothing cuter than a baby goat! I have said this before - and with a kid like this who could disagree?

As always, I remind you to sign up for my newsletter. What do you have to lose? Better yet - what do you have to win? THREE BARS of my rich soap is what! All who sign up through May 16th are entered into the drawing.

*The publicist made this funny cover with me on it - it is not real.


  1. You look fabulous and could totally be a cover goat. You are right that Kevin is very cute!

  2. You are so glamorous Pricilla! What's next? And of course Kevin is getting cuter and cuter by the day! But what happens when he hits the equivalent of the terrible two?

  3. What fun! I will have to try that...if my goats ever have their kids. I am starting to think they are going to be pregnant forever!

  4. False... the only thing cuter than a baby goat is a baby FAINTING goat! :o)

  5. Pricilla, you make a beautiful cover model. Er, cover goat.

  6. Your publicist is very clever! I totally believed you made the cover of a magazine. After all, why not? Maaaaams and their cute kids often grace the covers of glamor magazines! Thanks for a great start to my morning.

  7. Congratulations on your stardom Pricilla!

  8. Anne - I am feeling very special this morning even if it is a funny cover.

    Julia - I think he might be there. Remember the hopping thing? Well he has succeded and now he hops right on top of me and stands there. The publicist has been unable to get a photo - yet. But it is quite annoying!

    Carolyn - I felt like I was pregnant forever too. And I was soooooo wide!

    Heather Cherry - I think you might be right. I LOVE those fainting goats.

    Daisy - I studied all of your modeling tips, so I thank you.

    D'Anna - I am glad I could brighten your day. That is why I am here.

    Aunt Vicki! - Thanks so much!

  9. Congratulations, Pricilla, on your lovely cover on "My Baby" magazine!! Kevin is really very darling! I love his coloring and markings!


  10. Pricilla, It is so great to get to see your lovely visage in close up. Is that weird going into the grocery store and seeing yourself on a rack next to Oprah and Jessica Simpson? Kevin's little spots on his legs are too precious!

  11. Awww! Good Job Pricilla! Head on over to my blog...I have something posted that may just interest you. And inform you! It's about a new law.

  12. Pricilla, you look fabulous on the cover girlfriend!! A true cover model you are! And lil adorable Kevin poses for the camera so well! Good job indeed!!

  13. Kevin is very cute :) I like the cover shot too :)

  14. Pris: They're only the cutest, funniest things EVAR!!!

    Margo: They look like lil' kneepads! Is hims gonna lay some carpet?

  15. JudyElizabeth - thank you very much for stopping by. And for your nice compliment.

    Margo - I don't often go into grocery stores to tell you the truth...but I think it probably would be pretty cool.

    Cici - thank you for that very useful information.

    Brenda - Thank you. Kevin is very photogenic. I think he gets that from me.

    SL - thank you. I think I make a good model.

    Heather Cherry - I like your new picture. Thank you for your nice words!

  16. Very nice Pricilla - do you know Abby is all in a tizz about this??


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