Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No More Snow!

It snowed here on the Farm yesterday. In April. I think there should be some kind of rule against that. I mean it was sunny and warm not too many days ago. I have said it before - I am an African goat. I like it warm. I don't like this snow stuff. Little Kevin wasn't too happy with it either. He screamed like he was being attacked. The publicist and I ran out of the barn thinking he was hurt and it turned out he was just standing there with snow falling on him. I can't say that I blame him but he sure did scare us! I sincerely doubt that the snow was hurting him! Jillian and Mallory wouldn't even leave the barn. It made for some serious challenges for the publicist. She had to play musical pens with us goats. Michael was trying to kill Luke so she had to separate them, so Michael went in Abby's pen and Luke went in the buck pen. Abby, Kevin and I ventured out and spent some time in the goat house but we got tired of that and wanted back in the barn. This caused the publicist to have to put Luke in my pen and the three of us in the buck pen. Whew! What a confusing day. I am not sure I like all of these changes. Goats like things to be the same. I think Michael should stop trying to kill Luke! I do not know what is up with that.

The publicist didn't take any pictures of the snow because it was such a miserable day so I will leave you with some oldies but goodies of the fun days that came before.

Here are Abby and I peacefully grazing in the garden. We can't do that any longer because the male person has planted some spinach and lettuce. Mmmmmm, spinach and lettuce. He knows we would eat it all so he has put the fence back up. Oh well.

Jillian takes in the view of the river. I think we have the life here on the Farm.

And of course, the boys. Being boys.

Hopefully the sun will be back out soon. Or at least the snow will be gone and we can get back to normal. I don't like spending all day in the barn; but it is better than being out in the snow. Did I mention that I HATE SNOW?!

Oh, well don't let my snow rant deter you from entering the drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. How can you win, you ask? Simple! Just sign up for my cool newsletter; it will only come out once a month or so. I am a busy goat and won't have time to spam you. All who sign up through May 16th will be entered into the drawing. Easy, right?


  1. Wow, snow in April. I was wearing shorts yesterday and my two pregnant girls were lounging in the sun.

    Did I tell you I got the soap? It's wonderful. Thanks for the sample too! What a treat.

  2. I agree! I miss summer so much.

  3. There really should be a rule against that! But I like Kevin's reaction and may just adopt that myself next time it snows and I don't want it to. I'm sure it wouldn't make any difference to the snow, but I think I would feel better!

  4. Yeah, snow in April just doesn't seem right.

    I have an award for you!

  5. Carolyn - I am glad you like my rich soap but I am very jealous of your warm weather.

    Cici - I am glad we agree!

    Jenny - oooh, it was a horrible sound. Silly boy.

    Lauren - thank you very much. I am going to save it for a couple of days to ruminate on whom I will pick. I am very honored.

  6. We were in the 90's yesterday. Would that make an African goat happy? Poor little Kevin, I can understand his reaction. Snow makes me feel that way too. I hope everyone can get along soon.

  7. It hasn't snowed here in a couple of weeks but I can remember several times in May (last year for one) where it snowed. Yuck. I hope Kevin gets over his snow fear.

  8. hi..i just found your blog and will be following it. i must say...i am jealous of your snow. i hate warm weather and would be content to live somewhere that never goes about 50 degrees. i don't know what i would do about gardening though! i don't know if you have checked my blog out but if you want to have a look you can find me here!



  9. I'm glad you didn't give the snow the satisfaction of being photographed. Maybe it will stay away for good now! Poor Kevin! I can't believe he thought he was being attacked. Baby animals are ridiculous and cute, all at the same time.

  10. I'm done with snow and I think if it did I would scream like Kevin. It's warm here one day, cold the next. I'm just ready for a little constant 70 degrees. That's all. Is that too much to ask?? Really.

  11. snow!!!!!!!!!! dare not speak its name.

  12. Anne - you have completely depressed both me and the publicist.

    Jen - wow. You are lucky. We had lots of snow this year.

    Margo - you always express things so perfectly.

    Lin - I couldn't agree more!

    John - heh heh


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