Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First (Temporary) Spokesgoat Gig

Woo Hoo! I get to do my first spokesgoating while Pricilla is still taking care of Kevin and I am so excited. First it lets me show you my beautiful headshot again:

I think I look very nice.

But what I am very excited to report to you is that the publicist made more soap last night. WITH MY MILK! Yes, that is right. Pricilla hasn't been contributing any milk lately as she has been resting - like I believe that - because of Kevin coming. So this soap is all made with 100% Abby milk. That MUST make it better some how - don't you think?

She even made a new scents just for Abby milk. That may not technically be true but I am going to pretend it is. She made Perfect Pomegranate and Old Goat which is really patchouli for all of you old goats out there. She thinks that is funny but I don't know why. She says it is in honor of the male person's misspent youth. I can see the male person being a bad boy....he has that look about him. So here is my spokesgoat moment:

These soaps will be available in about a month. They are on the curing shelf.
So how did I do?
I suppose I have to include another photo of baby Kevin. I can be a gracious goat....


  1. Abby - you're a terrific substitute spokesgoat! I enjoy your posts and can't get enough of that head shot of yours. I guess you plan to start all of your posts with that lovely photo?

  2. Good spokesgoating, Abby! I'll bet the soaps made with your milk are a little bit spicy, just like you!

  3. Good job Abby. And Kevin is just so darn cute! You want to just squeeze him and hug him and hold him tight... do they let you do that?

  4. Too cute!!! I want one!!!!


  5. I just bought some of that soap today, and am anxious to try it out! I hope I smell better than a goat! :) hee! hee!

    Love that Kevin. Are his eyes a little pink around the edges from the sun? My white cat used to get a little sunburn around the soft pink skin that surrounded his eyes.

  6. Oooh... that headshot = priceless!! :D

  7. Aunt Vicki I am glad you like my headshot...I like it too. I think I am gorgeous!

    Thank you Daisy. I am glad someone else appreciates my personality.

    Split Rock - after I butt Kevin yesterday they are not letting me get to close to him. I suppose I should not have done that. It wasn't very nice of me.

    Lin, thank you for buying our soap. I am sure you will like it even if it was made with Pricilla's milk...

    Nessa, thank you so much!

  8. Abby - I think that you did a great job as spokesgoat!!
    Kevin is adorable :)

  9. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous Dahling! And I am going to have to buy some soap here pretty soon! I've been wanting to try them for so long now.

  10. Abby, you make a wonderful spokesgoat!I bet your 100% Abby milk soaps are absolutely glorious!


Maaaaaa away....


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