Sunday, April 19, 2009

Michael's Big Date

I haven't talked much about my other son, Michael for a bit. It's been all Kevin. I can understand that; Kevin is new and little and cute. But I can't forget about Michael. He is a good boy too. He has grown up to be a very fine looking buck.

He has been making eyes at the new girls. And yesterday Jillian was making doe eyes at him. Ha! Get it "doe" eyes? Jillian is a doe...ha ha ha! So the publicist arranged for Michael and Jillian to have a date. Jillian was very excited and couldn't wait for Michael to get to her pen.

Michael went in their pen and Mallory graciously left them alone.

I think they have been watching too much "Dancing with the Stars" because it looked to me like they were trying to do the paso doble. But I guess dancing is a good thing to do on a date.

Michael seemed to really like Jillian. It was Jillian's first date with a buck. On her old Farm there were no bucks.

Afterwards Michael went back to his pen where he started to sing Jillian a song.

I think both goats had a lovely time. Hopefully Mallory will get to go on a date soon too.
Don't forget my newsletter contest; all who sign up for my newsletter(over there to the right) through May 16th will be entered into a drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. I am not a spammy goat. I am too busy with little Kevin and setting up dates for Michael. So you don't have to worry about too much mail. But you will get discounts....


  1. Micheal is quite the handsome buck! Those two should have very pretty kids someday.

  2. Oooh, lots of love going on over there! I like the goat pasa doble!

  3. Michael is very handsome!!

    BTW I added you to the blogroll at From Huskies to Husbands :)

  4. Spring is in the air! They make a very cute couple. Will Mallory go on a date with Michael too? Or with some other handsome stud?

  5. Jennifer I do think Michael and Jillian will give me beautiful grandkids.

    Lin - a goat must have a sense of humor!

    SL - thanks so much. I must admit that I am afraid of dogs. The neighbor dog chased me once and I don't like him.

    Margo as soon as Mallory shows some interest I will arrange a date for her. Probably with Michael but sometimes a doe will prefer another buck then she will get to waltz with Luke.

  6. How nice that everyone gets dates. Dancing is a great way to spend time on a date. I would guess that goats don't enjoy movies.

  7. I wish my man would serenade me!

    Such handsome boys. I love their coloring.

    Does the publicist post much on the methods she uses to make soap? I just used my last sliver of a bar I got from the lady I bought my goats from. My girls are due in a few weeks, but I may have to order a bar or two to tide me over until I can make my own.

  8. Very cute couple. good job Pricilla! I hope Abby's pregnant...I would love to give her kids a good home...But maybe Jillian's kids (if they are twin does MUST BE DOES) would sit our needs better because we have to set them up a barn and nice pen. They would get to hang out with my bunny. Do goats mind lil binnies?

  9. Let's how goat love leads somewhere other than the paso doble!


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