Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Abby Day!

Hooray! It's Abby Day! My first official day as official writer on the blog. I am officially thrilled.
I thought all week about what I would write about and of course I chose ME! But the publicist said I couldn't write a whole story just about me.
So then I decided I would tell you about the elk that we saw across the river. We always see deer over there and sometimes we see deer in our very own yard but seeing the elk was very exciting. They, like the deer are our cousins, you know. There were two of them and the publicist had to use a tripod and her telephoto lens to get the photos.

The male person said he thought they were a momma elk and her yearling bull. The momma soon went back to the woods. The male person said the elk came because they heard that Pricilla had a baby. Pricilla, Pricilla, Pricilla. It's not ALL about Pricilla. Maybe they came to see me!

The young bull stayed for quite a while munching the grass on the bank by the river. His coat looks shaggy just like Michael the goat's does. I guess he is shedding his winter fur too.

It was fun to watch him but he eventually joined his mother back in the woods.

Of course I will end this post with a photo of me. What better way to start your Monday than with a photo of my gorgeous self?

Oh, and be sure to sign up for the newsletter. I don't care what Pricilla says, it's my newsletter too! Everyone who signs up through May 16th is going to be entered into a drawing to win THREE BARS of our rich soap. The sign up form is on the right of the blog.....up a little from here. Since you know I will be writing in it too you know it will be a good newsletter.


  1. How wonderful that you got to see elk!

  2. What a fun farm day. I can't wait for the newsletter.

  3. Abby, you officially did a very good blog entry.

  4. Daisy and Deronda it was very cool to see the elk. They are more fun than the deer.

    Carolyn, it was a fun day. Anything that is different around here is good.

    Da Old Man - I am officially glad you liked my official post

  5. I am sorry the publicist wouldn't let you write all about you. I don't know why. I do a lot of posts all about me. I guess that is why I don't have a publicist telling me what I am not allowed to write :). I registered for your newsletter. I have tried your soap and LOVE it. I can easily be bribed (although I would have registered anyway just to keep abreast of what is happening with all you goats).

  6. Welcome back Abigail. Although Pricilla did a great job while you were away, I really missed your sweet personality.
    *tail scratch* for you

  7. I love the pictures of the Elk, I wish we had them around here. Love your shiny black coat Abby, you are very pretty.

  8. Anne, I am glad you like my rich soap. That makes me happy!

    Mmmmm, Aunt Vicki that felt good!

    Thank you Jennifer, I like my shiny black coat too!

    Dogmaw, thank you!

  9. Hey Abby, congratulations on being fully employed now. I think you make a fabulous blogger :) I love the way you always close with a picture of your self!

  10. Cici of the pupilsApril 21, 2009 at 7:04 AM

    Good Job Abby! Do YOU know why your pupils are sideways? Did you know all chickens have gray eyes?

  11. Thanks Margo, it is good to be useful!

    Cici I googled my eyes and Wikipedia said:
    Goats have horizontal slit-shaped pupils, an adaptation which increases peripheral depth perception.[7] Because goats' irises are usually pale, the pupils are much more visible than in animals with horizontal pupils but very dark irises, such as sheep, cattle and most horses.

    So I guess it is to help me see better. The publicist says she now wishes she had my eyes because her depth perception is awful. Thanks for teaching me something about chickens. We are getting chickens on the Farm in May.

  12. We just got ourselves some chicks...they are soo stupid! good luck!

  13. sorry for being pushy about the eye thing...I tried to find it on Wiki and I couldn't. I think goats might be smarter than people.


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