Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Chickens are Here!

Oh yes, the long talked about chickens have arrived on the Happy Goats Farm. I heard their little peeps as the male person brought them out of his truck. I don't know about this. I am not going to share my blog time with chickens! And this is the Happy GOATS Farm. Harrumphff. Now the male person has told me that I will like having the chickens around. He has told me that the chickens will eat the annoying grasshoppers that come to the Farm in the summer. I hope this is true. I really don't like the grasshoppers. These chickens are Rhode Island Reds. They are going lay nice eggs for the publicist to use in her baking. She loves to bake. I like it when she bakes things with apples. Then I and, well, the other goats get the peelings. I am sure you all remember the fun we had with the great Tale of the Extra Goat Treat.

The chickens arrived in a box! That's right a box. From the Post Office! They came from a place called Murray McMurray it is a hatchery and very cool store that is all things chicken. ( I was not paid to say that.) The male person ordered the chicks a long time ago and it turns out it was a good thing because there are now no chicks to be had locally. It seems a lot of people are wanting chickens this year. The male person took the chicks out of their little box - I am sorry the photo is not so good. The publicist still has trouble with her flash. She is stubborn about reading the thing the commenter told us about. The thing called an "instruction manual."

The chicks all rushed under their heat lamp to get warm. They were all given a nice drink of water by the publicist and the male person. Then they drank lots more out of their little water bottles.

Then the male person put their food feeders in and it was like a chicken explosion in there. Chicks running everywhere. They really liked their chick food. That is good. It will help them grow big and strong so if I butt them it won't bother them much. Did I really just write that? I will try and be a good goat. The male person is going to build them something called a chicken tractor. Note the word "going." He hasn't done it yet. The chicks arrived a week earlier than he was expecting them. Plus they have to stay in the basement for a long time yet before they are ready to go outside.

I hope you liked reading about the new chickens on the Farm. In honor of their arrival I am going to have a blog sale on my Rooster in the Goat Pen Soaps and my Chicks All Right with Pricilla Soaps. If you use the word "blog" in the notes to seller at checkout you will get a 20% discount on these soaps to celebrate the arrival of the chicks. The blog sale will run through May 15th. So now is your chance to get some of my rich soap at a nice discount.

Also, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. I would be remiss in not reminding you about the drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap for subscribers. All who sign up through May 16th will be entered.


  1. Cool! We built a chicken tractor for our chickens too! I wish the comments would let you post pictures. Even my Blog won't post pictures (or I can't figure out HOW) Blogs should come with instruction manuals. Your chickens are cute (you're cuter!) How many did you get? we only got ten.

  2. Your new chickies are so sweet. I loved McMurray too! I got my ducks from them.

  3. Congratulations on your new bebbeh chickens! It will be fun to see them grow up. I tried to order myself a box of chicks, but my Mommie said "No!"

  4. I want to get chickens, but my husband says no way. Since he is the one who would have to take care of them, I have to bow to his wishes on this. Enjoy your chickens and especially all the eggs.

  5. Hi!! Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
    Golly, you really jumped in with both feet (all four hooves...), didn't you? You've got a LOT of baby chicks there! You'll love them - gettting eggs is so much fun.
    On my side, my new family additions will be arriving on Saturday: two, beautiful, bouncy, baby ND goats!

  6. that looks like fun, pricilla. There are so many! ... will you and the goats be eating eggs? Do you eat eggshells?

  7. Cici - the male person would love to see your chicken tractor and I would love to read your blog. If you would like to email me the photos and address I will keep them private. kaiminani@gmail.com

    Carolyn - I would probably butt duckies too. I am like that...

    Daisy - I suspect your Mommie did a good thing. You would want to "play" with the chicks. Wouldn't you?

    Anne - the publicist ends up taking care of the animals around here but the male person is good to go when the publicist doesn't feel well.

    farmgirl - I will look forward to seeing your new kids.

    Margo - the publicist will use some eggs, freeze some eggs and hopefully sell some eggs. I don't eat eggshells but they make a good compost for the garden

  8. Ooops, Cici there are 52 chicks there.

  9. Oh, the chicks are soooo cute! (But certainly not as cute as goats.)

    By the way, my aunt LOVES the soaps I gave her for a housewarming gift. I will be ordering more soon.

  10. Very cute! We used to raise quail! We still have a few.

  11. Those chicks are so cute! And I'm not even a chick person.

  12. The chicks are beautiful Pricilla. I was wondering if you have given any thought as to what you are going to name each one??
    (Good luck!)

  13. OMG! Those chicks are GREAT! I wonder if I can keep chickens in my yard here in Weirdville. I'm thinking not, but gees, it would be great to irritate the neighbors with!! And a big fat rooster crowing!!! I am jealous that I cannot have chickens.

  14. JD - the chicks are cute. I just hope the chickens stay out of my way. Thank you for your comments about my rich soap. I am glad your Aunt likes it so much.

    Dee - the publicist remembers seeing quail run around when she was in the Southwest. She says they are cute.

    SL - Thanks. I wonder if they will read like your doggies...

    Frogs! Welcome to my blog. I am not a chick goat to be honest but the publicist is nice to me so I try and do nice things for her.

    Annette - whew! That would be a lot of names. The male person was very sarcastic; he said to name them Fricasse, Cordon Blue, Roast, etc.

    Lin - our neighbors have chickens already so we are used to the cock a doodle doos. Now we will have dueling doos.

  15. I love all things tiny and fluffy :)
    In fact, I love all animals!
    Lucky you to be surrounded by all those chicks and your goats too!

    ps - thank you for your kind comment on my blog about the pencil case. I was going to make a bag with an apple tree on it next...!

  16. Pricilla-I am e-mailing you an invitation to my new blog.


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