Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Day on the Farm

Yesterday was a busy day on the Farm. Kevin was his active little self. As he gets older - I can hardly believe he is going to be two weeks old on Monday - he is getting more rambunctious. This is the way of kids. He was exploring all over the place and practicing his jumping. He discovered the hay pile! I don't blame him for being interested in the hay pile! He gave it a good sniff.

He climbed up on one bale - which to him is a very high climb.

He maaaaed to me as if to say,"Hey Ma, look what I can do!"

And he jumped!

He has been practicing his high kicks too.

He is so active the publicist can hardly keep up to get good pictures. But he did finally wear himself out and settle down for a little nap. Which was good because I needed the rest.

All in all a lovely day on the Farm. Tomorrow I am going to tell you a tale of Jillian and Mallory. I am sure you would like to learn more about the new goats on the Farm.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are just the cutest little thing EVER. Except for my goats of course, they're cute too, except they're not babies, so not so much anymore. I need a baby goat. Definitely.


  2. Welcome back Pricilla!

    thanks for the lovely pics of little Kevin - what a fluffy bundle he is - and so active!! all that springing and jumping around :)

    I like your first head shop the best - love the red halter - it just suits you so well, and the angle is perfect!

    thanks for the newsletter, I have signed up,

    kind regards,

  3. That is just the cutest little goat kid ever! Great pictures!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and following. I am happy to find another goat blog too!

  4. Too bad you live a thousand miles away. I'm sure Miss Olive and Miss Cheddar would love to pal around with Kevin.

  5. He is darling. I love watching them bounce around when they are little. I can't wait for our babies here! We're waiting on mini-Nubian and mini-Lamancha babies in June.

  6. Horray for more goat blogs. I saw your comment on Jennifer's blog. Your little one is precious.

    My girls are expecting and due in the next two weeks. I can't wait.

    I will be sure to sign up for your newsletter. I love goats milk soap.

  7. I am so glad to meet all the new people owned by goats! It is good to know that our plan to take over the world is working...

    Thanks for all of the kind comments about my Kevin. He is becoming a handful.

  8. Kevin just gets cuter every day! ;o)


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