Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abby's Last Day as Spokesgoat

Well, this is it. My last day. Pricilla comes back from her maternity leave tomorrow. I have had so much fun writing the blog and I have gotten so many kind comments from all of you readers that I have convinced (there was only minimal butting involved) the publicist to let me do the blog one day a week. I believe this was suggested by one of you and I thank you.

Of course for my last day I wanted it to be all about me but I am going to be a mature goat and show you what you want to see - more photos of baby Kevin. Maybe with a little bit of me. We all went for a nice graze yesterday because it was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was a very pretty blue. We went back into where the garden is going to be this summer. I like it in there because there is lots of green grass and old vegetable plants. Yuuuummmmy!

Kevin still seems to like the old hay more than the green grass but he is learning. I think he looks funny with the piece of hay coming out of his mouth.

He wandered around and sniffed at lots of places in the garden.

We went outside of the fence and he started his running up and down the driveway again. He sure does love to run and jump!

He played a little hide and seek but really wasn't very good at it.

Then he had a nice drink of Pricilla's good, rich milk.

And of course for my last post I must show you how beautiful my fur looks shining in the sun.

I also want to thank one of our commenters for alerting us to another goat blogger. That is right! There is another goat blogger out there. Her name is Baby Belle and she lives in Washington State. She is also a Nigerian dwarf goat just like me and Pricilla. How cool is that? You can read all about life on her Farm here.


  1. Abby, you did a real good job reporting. Congratulations on securing a regular reporting spot on the blog!

  2. Your posts were wonderful and your coat does look very nice in the sun. And Kevin continues to be adorable!

  3. Abby, your fur sure is shiny!! You are a beautiful goat and smart too!! Thanks for all the great information about goats milk! I am going to try some soon! I am really happy that you are going to get to post once a week too along with the regular Pricilla posts!

  4. Abigail - you did a very admirable job on the blog. I enjoyed your posts and all of the pictures of you! Thanks for introducing us to Kevin.

  5. I want to thank everyone for your encouragement. I wouldn't have my weekly job without all of you. I will show that Pricilla...

    Kevin is cute. I get it. But I am beautiful!

  6. Abby you are definitely beautiful, and smart too. I look forward to reading your weekly reports.

    Thank you for being such a mature goat and posting the photos of Kevin. He really is adorable.

  7. Lovely writing, Abby! I look forward to your weekly input. :)

  8. Well done Abby. I look forward to your weekly input. Now can you tell me if goats have to get their shots? The horses had to get theirs today and wormer so I am guessing goats need this too.

  9. Pretty short maternity leave... I think I would talk to the spokseperson about that! I'll miss all the pictures of Abby... Although Kevin is pretty cute!

  10. Dear Abby
    That sounds like a help! letter! but anyway, I sugested both things under wierd names. Sorry, but my mom wont let me tell you my real name. For now, I'm Josephina (I AM a girl!!) I am glad your publicist liked my plan, you pretty goat! please excuse punctuation

  11. Anne,Lin,RabbitHillFarm, thanks so much for your encouragement!

    Julia we goats here on the Farm are going shot free. Except Luke as he came from a big Farm. Our male person does not want us to have them and is trying to raise us naturally. We get copper sulfate to keep us worm free. Pricilla had some penecillan (I can't spell) when she was sick. But that is all. Everything else is done with natural products. Pricilla had her shots a long, long time ago and she is the only goat on the Farm to ever have gotten sick....

    Don't worry Lynne, I will be sure Pricilla still shows me!

    And Josephina how can I thank you enough! I still have a job...


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