Monday, April 27, 2009

AbbyDay - Mallory Has Her Date

Hi everyone, it's AbbyDay again and I am so excited to be writing the blog again. I will of course show you my beautiful headshot. What would AbbyDay be without lots of photos of, well, Abby?!

The publicist says I have to tell you a story too. I can't just show you photos of me. I know, I know. We went through this last time. She has told me that if I don't shape up I won't be able to blog any more so I am going to tell you about Mallory's date with Michael the buck. You will recall that Jillian had a date with Michael the buck last week. In it Pricilla said it looked like they were dancing the paso doble. In my opinion Mallory and Michael did a lovely Argentine Tango. There were a lot of sharp leg kicks and much drama in their dance. Mallory wanted to dance on top of her goat house, but Michael wasn't too thrilled with that idea.

They danced, and danced and danced some more...

...until I think Mallory got a bit bored.

Michael expressed his opinion of that!

All in all though I think they had a nice time together. Michael seemed to like Mallory very much.

Of course I will end this with a photo of ME! Aren't I beautiful? Don't I look lovely eating the green, green grass? Of course I do.

Remember to sign up for the newsletter. I am trying to get the publicist to let me contribute to it. You know it will be interesting if I write in it. The pictures will be prettier too. Plus anyone who signs up through May 16th will be eligible for the drawing for THREE BARS of rich goat's milk soap using MY MILK. What could be better?


  1. Hi Abby, visiting here is seriously better than Grey's Anatomy for all the drama going on. And you and the other goats are much more interesting :)

  2. Wow, Abby! there sure are gonna be a lot of kids running around soon! Are Jillian and Mallory Nigerians too? I think they are, but I'm not sure.

  3. Sounds like life at the Happy Goats Farm is getting a bit incestuous ... just sayin'

  4. HI!
    This is our first time visiting you all.
    You have wonderful photos. So darn cute!!!

    We are a fourkitty catblog plus a pug sometimes : ) .
    We do have a great photo of a newbie colt posted couple days ago.

    Nice to meet ya all.

  5. Margo it is a soap opera around here but I am the big star, not Pricilla!

    Cici - we were told that Jillian and Mallory were Nigerian Dwarf goats but the publicist is starting to doubt this. She and the male person thinks they might be Nigerian dwarf/Toggenburg crosses. But they don't know for sure.

    Aunt Vicki! I am shocked at your suggestion. Shocked I maaaa!

    us4 - thanks for visiting. I will go visit your blog. Although I, like Pricilla have been know to butt a cat or two in my day.

  6. Beautiful goats, can't wait to see the pretty kids those two will have. I love your blog, it is always fun to read.

  7. I think that love is in the air on the farm!!

  8. Hi Abby, I'm so glad your publicist visited my blog today because that meant that I found yours too. I will certainly be back to visit again. I loved the goat dance pictures. Someday soon I have to do an update post on my special goat, Luna, who was born on February 20. You remind me a bit of Isobelle the Beautiful Goat. She has a blog too, and it's linked on mine - you really should visit! Have a hay-filled day! Claire

  9. I think you might be right. You could name one of the kids Toga, if it's a girl. As in Toggenberg NOT the garment! Or a boy Toggo...Toga is nicer

  10. Jennifer, thank you very much. Pricilla and I try to write a good blog.

    Sl - there is also goat gas in the air.

    Claire - the publicist likes to visit other blogs. Her wedding anniversary is on February 20th so that is a good day.

    Cici - Those are good names! I do hope we get more does around here. There are getting to be too many bucks.


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