Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Snow!!

I do not believe that Spring is around the corner. It snowed again last night. Yesterday started out rainy but turned into a very nice sunny day. I REALLY like sunny days. I can take up my favorite spot by my goat house and just bask in the sun. Being as pregnant as I am right now that is about all I have the energy for anyway.

The publicist did let Abigail and me out for a little graze yesterday so we could look for whatever little bits of green might be peaking up from the dirt.

There weren't that many so we settled for gnawing on the wood pile once more. I like the wood pile; I can find lots of yummy bark, lichens and moss which are delightful treats in my winter diet. Abigail also enjoys the change.

The boys were of course upset that they didn't get to go munch at the wood pile but it is their own fault. Any time the publicist lets them out all they do is butt heads. They never just quietly go for a graze as Abigail and I do. Silly bucks! So anytime we are out they just maaa and bray.

(I know how much you like the buck fighting photos!)

I doubt we will get to go on a graze today with all the new snow. As I sit and hoof at the keyboard I notice that it is again snowing.
I am one unhappy goat.


  1. Boys are so silly! They like to play rough, don't they? I hope you have a happy St. Patrick's day.

  2. Cheer up Pricilla - spring is right around the corner. Or so I've heard.

    Hey, can we get a post on what it's like to be milked?


  3. Thanks for your good wishes Daisy!

    We are working on that Aunt Vicki. We just have to find time when the male person is home at milking time so he can take the photos...the publicist has many talents but milking and photo taking at the same time are not among them :)

  4. Hope your snow goes away soon. That must be getting old. Thanks for another fighting bucks photo. Quite the crowd pleaser.

  5. Love the fighting bucks!

    I'm sure spring is headed your way, since it has started here already.

  6. I'm ready for spring too. When is your due date?

  7. Love the fighting buck pic!

    I am in Missoula so not a lot of snow but yes, it is snowing!

    Every time I think I can start spring yard work it snows! Argh!

  8. I am glad to hear that everyone likes the buck photos. I will tell the publicist to keep taking them!

    Aunt Deronda, I am due the first week of April - around the 8th. But with goats it can flucuate within 10 days either way so it is rather soon.

    And as to the snow - at least the sun is out today!


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