Monday, March 9, 2009

Mmmmmm, Bark.

Abby loves to eat bark. I enjoy it too but it is a real favorite of Abby's. Since she uh, detained me I have learned that perhaps I need to spend a little more time talking about her. Perhaps she will be nicer to me....

The publicist let us our for a very nice graze the other day and we wandered over to the big wood pile. It is fun to explore the wood pile. There are logs to climb on and lots and lots of bark to nibble. Abby had a very good time since as I mentioned bark is one of her favorite grazing treats. I like the occasional lichen and I gobble Old Man's Beard (this is a moss) any time I can find it but I don't attack the bark like my kid.

I like to look for the new green weeds just peaking up out of the ground. Super yummy if you ask me. I am so glad that in spite of more snow signs of Spring are starting to appear. Soon I will have lots of green.
Abby can have her logs!


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  2. Hmmm, I have never tasted bark before. It looks like it might be a little bit delicious.

  3. I've tasted bark as a kid. Stupid things my brother and I did. It does not taste good to me. YUK! Very pretty picture.

  4. Thank you! Kin'Xp

    Daisy the farm cats here don't eat bark but sometimes they come and snitch my hay. I don't like that.

    Missbreezybox it sounds like you are an adventerous eater. It is good to try things once before you say yuck! Thanks for the photo compliment!

  5. Bark doesn't sound all that good but then neither do the green weeds and such. I'd rather have a hamburger but I suppose that isn't something the publicist gives you is it?

  6. No, I am not a meat eater - but the publicist is. Mmmm, burger and guacamole. She thinks that would taste great :)

  7. Hello Pricilla and Abby! I have an award for BOTH of you on my blog. Please come and get it!!

  8. Did I see green? Oh, I am so ready to see a bit of green...even a weed!


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