Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Weeds are Starting to Grow! This is Good News for a Goat

We had another little taste of Spring here on the Farm yesterday so the publicist let Abigail and me out for a nice long graze. There are lots of nice tasty greens starting to pop up for us to nibble upon. It is good for me to have some green additions to my diet now - the kids are in their final stages and I am about to pop!

The day was just about perfect with a bright blue sky and lots of sun. There were some puffy white clouds floating by. Abby got adventerous and went browsing down in the gulley.

I skirted the edge but didn't go down too far. I think my sense of balance is kid impaired right now. You can see the publicist's house that is being built. It is called a yurt.

The other goats continue to call me "wide load" and I just don't appreciate it!

Even a goat can gaze in wonder at the beautiful view we have here on the farm.

Yum! Look at the beautiful green munchies I got to eat. I am a lucky goat.


  1. You're as round as a watermelon big mamma

  2. Hey Pricilla - I've told the publicist that a photo of you from the rear is not your best angle. Apparently, she doesn't value my opinion. The side view is much more attractive. Just my $.02
    Lovin' you from any angle,

  3. Sometimes I think the publicist is out to get me Aunt Vicki, but I know she loves me.

    I do sometimes feel like I have swallowed a watermelon. Mmmmm, watermelon.

  4. OMG, the shame of it That photo of you from behind, you should really talk to the publist. Its rather embarressing.

    I cant get over the are so lucky.

    Oh pricella, i have an award for you at my blog, but please turn around...your front half looks better. BUt then again, I heard about people and goats, or is it sheep? but whatever, my blog is a family orientated blog, just letting you kn0w

  5. Pricilla, I am glad you did not go down in the gully with Abby!

    The house is looking really good.

  6. Thank you John, I saw the award and I am going to address it in the next couple of posts. I appreciate your thinking of me!

    Yes, Daisy. I am glad I stayed up too - I don't want to fall. The publicist is happy her house is coming along.

  7. You are such a beautiful and handsome goat Pricilla! and so nice to see so many pics of you doing your goat things!! like nibbling, and eating and munching... :)

  8. You have some splendid views of the mountains! Really nice. That must take some of the stress out of kidding, right?


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