Monday, March 2, 2009

It's That Time

I am embarrassed to even be writing this post but the goats down the road want to throw a kid shower for me and have asked me to register at my favorite place Hoegger's Goat Supply. It is a most wonderful place for goat shopping - it is where my publicist shops for me now and she gets my minerals and other important goat things there. But they do have great kid gifts too.

This won't be my first kidding but baby goats are very hard on, well, everything including their mother. My poor udder....but I won't go there. The publicist helps a lot as she does bottle feed the little cuties after a bit and I can't say I am upset about that. All that poking and pulling and poking and pulling. A goat needs some rest, you know? So I think a bottle or two would be good.

As I was browsing the catalog I saw these and knew, just knew I HAD to have them! What mommy goat would not want her kids to wear these? Are they not the CUTEST things you have EVER seen?

And then of course as it still gets a bit cool around here I think I need a goat coat or two - I have always had twins. We lent little Sarah's goat coat to a friend who had cold kids.

After my kids arrive in April and then Abby's kid comes in July there will be seven goats on the farm. Whew! That's a lot of goats. So perhaps we should get this sign to help with traffic.

I think that is a good list for now. It is not as if a goat has a LOT of needs but cute is cute! I want to thank Hoegger's for letting me use their nice photos in my blog today. It would have been hard for me to describe those jammies.


  1. Those little jammies are adorable!

  2. *wondering if you will feel about your new kids the way you feel about Abigail now*

    Just sayin'

    Auntie Vicki

  3. Only if the new kid tries to butt me all the time and steal all my food!


Maaaaaa away....


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