Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inspector Goat Michael

It is good to know that all of the goats here on the Farm are looking out for me. Well, I don't know about Abby - I think she is just waiting for me to go on my maternity leave so she can take over the blog. From there I think she thinks she will become the new spokesgoat for Happy Goat Soap. But I know that is not going to happen. I won't let it. But I digress. Today I am going to tell you how nice Michael the goat was to inspect my new pen and make sure it is safe for me and the new kids. Isn't he a nice son?

He insisted on going into the barn with the publicist to check things out when he saw that the male person was done with my new digs.

He looked over the construction.

He checked out my sleeping bench.

He dutifully made sure my hay feeder was A-OK. I think he might have taste tested my hay!

He even looked over my water bucket. He was VERY thorough!

I am so glad that he wanted to do this for me. It makes me feel very safe. Although I already knew that my new pen was perfect. The male person wouldn't build me anything that wasn't! I just think it was very nice of Michael to want to make sure. Although I suspect that the extra grain he received for the inspection was part of why he did such a good job.


  1. Michael sure is thoughtful! He did a very thorough inspection.

    I've left you something on my blog, Pricilla :) But I know you're one busy goat so no pressure.

  2. it seems michael is very satisfied with the pen, you should be a proud mama raising a son like michael

  3. I am glad Michael liked the new pen. Are we sure he wasn't checking it out because he wants it for himself? I hate to attribute such negative feelings to him, but it really is a beautiful pen.

  4. agoodwitch - I thank you for my award. I will get it posted very shortly. I have another to post too.

    Thanks missbreezybox! I love my new pen.

    John, I am very proud of Michael; he is a very good kid.

    Anne, Michael's pen is actually bigger than my new pen so I think he is happy with what he has. Abby and I used to share a pen but the male person split it up 'cause Abby kept butting me.

  5. We're glad it passed Michel's inspection. It looks very nice to us, too!
    ~ Anna Sue and Maggie Mae

  6. Forgive my ignorance but what got species is Michael exactily i'm not sure


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