Saturday, March 7, 2009


Abby here! I have, uh, detained Pricilla. That's right, detained her and I am doing the blog today. Why should Pricilla get all the glory? I am a producing goat around here too. I work, I give milk. I'm pregnant too. Just because I have a bit of a temper doesn't mean I shouldn't get to write in the blog too.
Don't worry, stupid Pricilla is safe. I left her with hay and water and will, uh, undetain her when I am done. Undetain her - that's good.

Today I want to tell you about my day grazing on the "mountain" on the Farm. It's not really a mountain but just a big pile of dirt they took out of the ground when they put all that mushy grey stuff in the big hole to build the house. I think the male person called it a "foundation." Whatever! I don't care what it's called, I just like the mountain. When I climb it I feel like I am somewhere else altogether. I can see far away and I look to the river and pretend I am a special goat with my own personal mountain. I daydream too!

I pretend I am in my own personal forest with all of the trees and bark I can eat. No one to bother me and best of all no one I have to share with. I am a strange goat; even though I don't want to be alone I don't want to share either. Goats are very social creatures. They need to be in a herd.
Just because I am the supposed bad goat of the family does not mean I am bad. I know I butt Pricilla and try and eat all the food but it is only because I want to be first. Is there anything wrong with that? OK. That sounded bad....maybe I am just hungry. So there. And what good are my horns if I don't use them for something?

Uh oh......
Pricilla here folks. I am very, very sorry for this take over of the blog. Being the intrepid goat that I am I managed to escape from Abby's knots and get her away from the computer. I will do my best to see it doesn't happen again. I am beginning to suspect it was Abby that sold me out to those pesky paparazzi!


  1. Great job on the take over of the blog Pricilla.

  2. I had no idea that goats could be so sneaky with all this detaining, undetaining and escaping. Harumph!

  3. Good job, Abby! I'm glad you got a chance to post on the blog today. But maybe next time, instead "detaining" Pricilla, you could ask her nicely. I am sure she would share with you!

  4. Only Abby is that sneaky Aunt Vicki...I am a very kind and loving goat. I can't believe sometimes that she is my kid.

    Daisy even though I was not happy about being, uh, detained I will pass your compliments on to Abby. I will also pass along your suggestions but I have little hope for her redemption.

    Thank you missbreezybox!

  5. Um - I am newbie reading this blog. Pricilla, I don't suppose Abby is one of your own kids? Sometimes we have to "share" the computer even when we don't want to. We purchased a laptop for our oldest son when he graduated from high school, so now I have to share with the youngest son and hubby. You might want to work out a schedule for using the computer and sharing the blog - after all Abby is contributing to the farm as are you. Just a suggestion.
    If you offer Abby time on the computer and maybe offer her a small role in your blog - you might be surprised! Maybe you will get along better. Who knows. Maybe next time she won't "detain" you, if she feels like she is part of what you are doing.
    Hope tomorrow goes better for both of you.

  6. Abby! You crack me up, girl!

  7. Hahaha, you are all lovely, even if one of you tends to be a bit grumpy and prone to detaining her - mother? I met you over at Daisy's when I went to wish Harley happy birthday :) xxx

  8. Morning 'kids' we have snow here again this morning! Even the cats slept in! I think Priscilla should share time with abby... Zoomies finally let me post a picture of EMM!

  9. Black Cat - yes Abby is Pricilla's kid and she is not very nice to her.

    I am not sure how often I, Pricilla will let Abby share the blog. I will have to see. It depends on her behavior. If she stops butting me then perhaps....


Maaaaaa away....


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