Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fighting or Playing?

I was asked about the bucks. About their head butting. I know it looks rather rough and as if they are really attacking each other but they are playing. At least most of the times they are. How do I know, you ask? Well, if you could see video instead of stills you would see their tails wagging a mile a minute. Add that to the fact that they cannot wait to get together to bang heads and you just know they are having a good time.

The only time it gets serious is when they are trying to attract the uh, attention of one of us girls. When a buck thinks a doe is interested in having a, let's call it a goat getaway, he will get rather, uhm, happy. That's the word. Happy. If more than one buck is around when a doe wants a goat getaway the boys will sometimes try to show the doe who has the bigger horns. So to say. THEN their head butting can get a bit more serious. The publicist doesn't let the boys out to play at head butting when Abby or I am looking for a goat getaway.

They are fun to watch when they get going though. The publicist is going to have to learn how to make the video part of her camera works. One of our readers has told her about something called an instruction manual. She is going to investigate this and see what she can learn. I am sure you would like to see video of the boys butting heads. But if I know the publicist I wouldn't hold your breath.

I hope this has answered any questions that you might have about the boys and their head butting sessions. They do eventually calm down and then go about munching on their hay together as peaceful as can be. Silly bucks!


  1. I'll bet that is very fun to watch. Does it make a loud crashing sound when their heads come together?

  2. It is fun Daisy. And it can make a rather horrible cracking sound but the boys have very hard most males.

  3. They sound just like my two boys!!

  4. thanks for answering my silly question. I know when i took the kids to the petting zoo, these goats would buck their heads and i was like 'im outta here' Nice to know they are only playing.

  5. woo hoo! awesome action shots. It's always interesting to hear about other species from the other species herself :) boys...

  6. Yeah, you really should help the publicist with the reading of the IM. Maybe the publicist's headache is holding her back from reading the IM. Really Pricilla, you need to step in here! We need some video of those boys in action.


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