Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Changes

Wow! Was there a big change in my barn last night. It caught me by surprise. It also made me very happy. I now have my very own pen! It used to be I had to share a pen with Abby. I have chronicled in this blog how Abby is less than friendly to me - and I am her mother! She butts me to get to the hay first and doesn't let me have any until she has eaten her fill. If the publicist comes in with a treat she butts me out of the way so she can get there first. This does not work though as the publicist see right through her and makes sure we each get our treat at the same time and in equal amounts.

The stress of living with such a contentious kid was getting to me though and the male person really gave me a nice little pen all to myself. It has a bench for me to sit on and my own little hay feeder. I am going to be sure to get some photos today to show you. It was too dark last night when he finished so I couldn't take any after I was done looking inspecting my new digs. I am so excited.

I knew I would have to be somewhere alone to have my kids. A goat always has a place to herself to kid. I just didn't know the male person was going to do something so nice for me. Now I can sleep in peace anywhere I want in my own little slice of heaven pen. Of course Abby now has her own pen too, but really, do I care about that?


  1. I guess we have to admit that those male people can come in very handy at times! Enjoy the new digs!

  2. Congratulations on your new pen, Pricilla!

  3. Congratulations on the new digs! Isn't that just like a kid. Totally ungrateful to the person who gave birth to her.

  4. Do you get to keep it after your new kids come? I think you should, especially if Abby is that challenging. (that's what I call my kids when they're contentious - challenging)

  5. Thank you all for your congratulations. I AM very excited. I did get some photos taken today so you will see them tomorrow.

    I do get to keep my special pen even after my new kids arrive. They will stay with me for about a month and then they will get their own little pen.

  6. Darned ungrateful kids. I'm glad you have your own space, Pricilla.

  7. You got the NEW pen after all... your daughter did not! So you must be the special one now.

  8. Congratulations on the new digs! Looking forward to seeing the pics :)


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