Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goat Fashion

I doubt that many of you would even think there WAS such a thing as goat fashion but today I am going to introduce you to the "goat coat." Is anyone laughing yet? I know the male person laughed when the publicist bought the goat coat for little Sarah. But little Sarah was shivering and the publicist felt she needed something to keep her warm on the cold Montana mornings. So she did some research and found that her regular supplier of goat products Hoegger's actually had something to solve this problem. And doesn't Sarah look adorable in her goat coat?


  1. It is a very lovely little Goat Coat!

  2. And you know, it's just fashion when an animals shivering. Some animals just weren't meant to live in certain climates, and so if they do, it's up to us to help out, methinks.

  3. Sarah's brother Michael was not cold at all. He had more fur. But little Sarah was chilly. I think she looked cute...

  4. Very cute... I think the goat publicist should get a matching one!

  5. That goat coat is adorable! I think she looks very fashionable and the warmth is an added bonus.

  6. She does look cute, but more important, warm!

    Curious roughly where you're at? I grew up outside Bozeman & went to Belgrade schools. I get so homesick for Bozeman (but mostly in the summer!) My family had goats the last year or two i lived with them.

    Followed your link from Nanny Goats.

  7. Kathryn - I am in Superior which is about and hour West of Missoula
    Thanks for stopping by!


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