Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cursed Paparazzi!

Those cursed paparazzi are at it again. As if it is not enough that I cannot live my simple life on my farm; they have to always be here trying to catch me doing something they deem "wrong." I just don't understand this sick fascination with my life just because I happen to be a famous spokesgoat. Why do people care what I do in my spare time? Why do they care how much I eat or what I eat for that matter? It is really none of their business. When I have an interview or media appointment I do my job but when I am just relaxing in my pen or out for a walk I should be able to do so without fear of unflattering pictures or false stories being printed.

I was fortunate that my publicist caught this one paparazzo in the act and we have the offending photos in hand. I am going to share them here so that I can negate their impact should any other "inquiring mind" try to print more "Grossly Growing Goat" stories about my expanding waistline. I repeat people I AM PREGNANT, NOT FAT!!! I have to eat a lot of hay, grain and apples to keep me strong and healthy for the upcoming kidding. What kind of nanny would I be if I tried to diet during my pregnancy? I ask you!? So my publicist and I present these pictures to show you what a healthy, pregnant goat should look like halfway though her kids' gestation. I am most likely carrying twins. Of course the monster took them from behind which is my worst angle right now. Ugh! I stand up for all reproducing animals - humans too - to say that a certain amount of weight gain is necessary and healthy!
So there! Pricilla has spoken!


  1. Poor Pricilla! You can never get away from the paparazzi! I think you have a very beautiful figure, and you are making sure your little kids are borned all nice and healthy.

  2. Pricilla, you are positively glowing and you look beautiful. Even if you are slightly bigger than Jessica Simpson, you are still much prettier than she is.

  3. Really, none of us like to be photographed from behind. Even when not preggers.
    You look lovely, dahling!

  4. I want to thank you all for your support. It is tough to be pregnant in this celebrity obsessed world. It is good to know a goat has friends.

  5. fat thin robust trim ....

    eat away Pricilla! - I judge you only by your common sense, care of your forthcoming babies and ability to eat apples in the most delightful way!

    just make sure there is adequate poop around for the offending papparazo to 'slip' in :)

    best wishes, Annette
    ps - you look stunning!

  6. Go ahead and flaunt what you got, girl!


Maaaaaa away....


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