Thursday, January 15, 2009

How I Came to Live on The Happy Goats Farm

I realize that many of you may wonder how I came to live on the Happy Goats Farm. I wasn't born here; in fact, I don't remember where I was born. I do remember where I was immediately before my current home. It was a beautiful place full of goats, chickens, horses and llamas. Then one day my publicist put me and Abigail in a truck and took us for a ride. This is how I, and Abigail of course, came to be at the Happy Goats Farm. But, I will admit, I was not a Happy Goat at first. I missed my old farm. I missed my old publicist. I did not know this new publicist; and let's just say she was VERY unpracticed at being owned by goats and leave it at that. It was a very pretty place but it was not MY place.

I will be honest. I kept escaping from my pen. I know this was frustrating for my new people but I was just afraid and it was all so new. This does, though, lead to a funny tale: one night I escaped and Abigail joined me. We started running, running, running until we reached the end of the farm. We turned right thinking to head back to our old home. I ran, Abigail ran, our new male person ran, the publicist ran and the family cats ran. All down the road in a row. Until I was distracted by some tasty weeds on the side of the road. My appetite allowed me to be caught and brought back to the farm. I will admit I did this several more times; one night the horses across the street also escaped and were running the other way. This is how I met the neighbors...

Obviously I have adjusted to life on the Farm and am now a very Happy Goat. Otherwise I wouldn't have my current job and I love my job! How many goats do you know that are so gainfully employed?

I wanted you to see what I get to see when I am grazing so I have posted a photo of my view. This is a winter view - it is much nicer in the spring and summer.

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  1. How very interesting Pricilla, you have a beautiful view.
    Perhaps the horses were coming to visit You? or did they want the same tasty weeds?
    Good to see that you adjust quickly to situations and don't carry baggage around with you!
    best wishes, Annette


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