Friday, January 23, 2009

Feature Friday

Today I am starting something new; I am going rogue as they say nowadays. I am going to be a spokesgoat for a product other than Happy Goats Soaps. DON'T TELL MY PUBLICIST! She will surely withhold my goat treat tonight and I love my goat treat! Just thinking about those apples......

Well on to our special guest shop, may I present JudyElizabethsFlock! Judy Elizabeth lives in Montana just like me but she lives way, way up on the border by Glacier National Park. She makes adorable soft sculpture lambs. You thought I was going to say goats, didn't you? Goats and sheep get along quite well and oftentimes graze together. We goats will eat weeds that are poisonous to sheep but don't bother us at all. Judy Elizabeth has based her design on one of the sheep she used to have in her flock, Jena the Gentle Ewe. With each purchase of a lamb you get the tale of Jena; it is a delightful story written with love by Judy Elizabeth herself.

She also makes hand stenciled sachets, sweatshirts, tee shirts and totes all featuring her cute little flock of sheep. Plenty of choices for a unique Valentine's gift.

So why not graze on over to JudyElizabethsFlock and check out what she has; I don't think it's a baaaaaaaad idea at all.


  1. Just delightful Pricilla - I am sure you will get your treat! - and so interesting to know about the weeds!

  2. Pricilla! The Flock all sends their thanks and hellos to you. They want to thank you for the wonderful feature you did on them. At one time Judy Elizabeth did have goats -- one in particular was Chadwick. He loved to be with the sheep and thought he was one, he always became very upsent when he was separating from them.

    We LOVE your wonderful handmade soap, Pricilla! The soap is great to use and we really enjoy the different shapes that you make and the wonderful smells of the soap!

    Judy Elizabeth and all the Flock

  3. Psst...Patty -- hey, over here! Shh, don't look now, but Pricilla is on to something here! :-))


  4. Nice post Pricilla! I love Judy's lambs, they are so cute!


Maaaaaa away....


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